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Granada Seasoning Pepper: Mad love for a plant

Folks who know me know that I love growing weird stuff. Unusual and rare varieties, things with crazy names, histories, whatever strikes my fancy. Peppers are one of those plants that really get me; there are so many incredible varieties and they are all so beautiful and useful.

Close up of a bowl of Granada Seasoning Peppers

This year I trialed several varieties in my garden, but I got started late and most of them just weren't thriving. Two, however, just blew me away with their vigor and productiveness.

This one, Granada Seasoning Pepper, is stunningly beautiful. A huge, hearty plant standing at 4' tall and about 3' wide, it is just covered in, blocky, bright yellow fruits that dangle enticingly under the foliage. It is in the habanero family but has only a fraction of the habanero heat. Heck, I actually don't find it to have any heat all! It is fruity/citrusy, with a distinct apple - pineapple flavor and makes an excellent cooking and sweet salsa pepper. It is plenty meaty, crunchy, and tasty enough to eat raw and would be amazing in a sandwich wrap or salad.

We'll definitely be offering seedlings of this one in the spring of 2017, and we'll be growing plenty for ourselves.

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