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Over the upcoming months, I'll be updating this site with what I *think* I'll have available this spring. Feel free to peruse and dream about spring along with me!

Note that these plants are NOT FOR SALE YET, so they're listed as "out of stock" until early spring. 


If you'd like to come by to shop, I'll have open hours occasionally listed on my facebook and instagram pages, or you can make an appointment using the "Book Online" tab at the top of this page. 

If you'd rather order online, here's how that works: 

1. Place and pay for your order via this website

2. I will collect the best specimens and put them in a container for you to pick up

3. I will email you that your order is ready and where/how to pick up.

4. You have three days to pick up your order per the emailed instructions

5. After three days from my email to you, your plants will be returned to stock and there will be NO refunds. 

If I cannot fulfill your order with a healthy plant for some reason, I will let you know by email and refund you for that amount. 

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