Verbena bonariensis


This beautiful perennial flower is a fast growing, clump forming tender perennial. Every summer, tall, wiry stems shoot up above a low basal clump of leaves. At the top of these stems clusters of purple flowers attract butterflies other pollinators like nothing else.  


Even though Verbena bonariensis is a very tall plant, it is known as a "see through" plant because it is so wiry and airy. Don't be afraid to put it in front of shrubs, though I would not recommend it for the front of the border, as they base is not terribly attractive. 


Verbena bonariensis is a perennial and will reseed in your garden. Cut flowers before they go to seed if you do not want volunteers in your garden. 


Also an excellent cut flower. 


zones: 7-11

exposure: Full sun to part shade

Size: 2-4' tall (and taller) x 1.5-3' wide 

Bloom time: June through frost

Verbena bonariensis

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