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Exciting news! Orchid Offer of the Month: Osn. Hilo Firecracker "New Year"

I'm starting a little experiment, and though there has been little traction so far, I am hopeful it will catch on. It isn't often that one runs across such a neat opportunity to offer something so cool.

Here's a post I recently made to social media. It should pretty much explain everything.



JANUARY'S ORCHID: Ons. Hilo Firecracker "New Year" (see attached pics!) $19.95 + shipping

I am so excited to announce that my friend and premier orchid breeder is allowing me to partner with her to offer you a monthly orchid delivered straight from her to you.

So here's how it works:

On the first of each month, I'll post an orchid for sale. These orchids will be delivered in spike (pre-bloom) ready to burst open shortly after you receive them. The varieties we're selecting for you are not ones that can be found just anywhere - no big box store sees anything like these.

Most of them will be $19.95 + shipping (Atlanta area will be approximately $8.00, but we can ship anywhere. Inquire about specific shipping costs.) Your orchid(s) will arrive at your address by the end of the month. And YES, there is combined shipping available if you order more than one!


1) I *MUST* have a minimum of SIX orders in order to get this price. If the minimum order is not met, then the order cannot be placed.

2) Orders MUST be placed by PRIVATE MESSAGE to me. I am working on a website order form, but it is not yet available. If I do not receive a PM, your order will not be counted.

3) Orders MUST be placed NO LATER than January 8th, 2017. Yup, we have one week to get this done!

I'M SO EXCITED! Please feel free to forward this, pass it along, to anyone you know who might love orchids, need gift ideas, or just loves plants in general. Remember, we need at least six ordered and we only have a week to do it!


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